American Eagle Day

Today we celebrate the American Eagle—a majestic symbol that soars above all—and is free.

Pick up a dollar bill—look at the back—we see that the Eagle was an America icon from the beginning—in the form of the great seal of the new young nation called America.

The eagle with the thirteen stars in the circle above its head and the shield represent the 13 colonies united into a new nation. E Pluribus Unum—Many are United into one nation. The eagle’ is alert with fully spread wings. One talon holds an olive branch representing the new nation’s desire for peace. The other talon holds arrows, a means to defend itself if necessary.

The majestic bald Eagle has rebounded from near extinction. A beautiful and fitting symbol for America. Restoration of the principles and values that created a great nation can still restore a great nation. Most people instinctively know this. We need leadership that believes this, understands this and will fight for this.