Attacking our Police and Firefighters should be a “Hate Crime”

Our politician’s refusal to enforce existing law has created a scenario of escalating violence and mob rule by threats, vandalism, looting, and destruction…it must be stopped NOW.

In Minneapolis we saw a tragic death, Americans were united in their determination to see justice done by enforcing the law.

What followed, however, as a consequence of liberal politicians’ belief that tolerating and even encouraging looting, vandalism, and increasing the excess of destruction would somehow appease the mob.

It did not! It emboldened the mob.

The mob went on to attack statues that were associated with slave ownership. They then started to include even those commemorating abolition and slave emancipation. We now see even more bizarre and delusional moves to defund and eliminate the police.

The group’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa now threaten even more massive and widespread destruction if their demands are not meet. Innocent Americans are increasingly attacked. Last night we saw the mob break into a private housing community and threaten a couple who had the courage to arm themselves.

The police had been told to stand down to appease the criminal mob. The district attorney involved is now threatening not the law-breaking mob, but the homeowners who dared to defend themselves.

This must stop!

In medical practice, we as doctors have long recognized that all lives matter. No ethnic group has a monopoly on the sanctity of life. Blue Lives Matter too. It is time for someone to openly and boldly stand up for our police and firefighters.

The treatment of law enforcement by our political establishment has been appalling. It is the police and firefighters and not the politicians who are being physically attacked as a consequence of the politician’s refusal to enforce the law.

I propose that we create and pass legislation to enshrine in federal law to make it a “hate crime” to attack a police officer or firefighter. Federal law needs to make it unequivocally clear that “Blue Lives Matter” too!