Career Politicians vs. Rioters—Who are the bigger Looters?

Failure of congressional leaders to boldly call for the enforcement of existing laws threatens the very existence of America as a free nation as founded.  Americans are appalled.

Why is it that our career politicians fail to stand up for the rule of law and take on the looters, vandals, radicals, and thieves? Is part of the reason because career politicians believe themselves to be an elite, privileged class, exempt from the laws that apply to average Americans? Members of Congress have granted themselves special privileges not available to average Americans i.e. exemption from ordinary insider trading laws, special healthcare subsidies, free trips, special car and parking privileges, the ability to raise their salaries, pensions befitting a millionaire and scheduling themselves to work only 136 days per year. Most career politicians enter the office never having had a real job and possessing only modest assets, yet leave as multimillionaires.

We see criminals openly vandalizing, looting, rioting, and destroying our statues and history, yet we are told that we will be prosecuted and put in jail for having a church bazaar.  We wonder why looting won’t be stopped, then realize that career politicians are also looting the average American.

It is time to say enough is enough!  It is time that ALL Americans live by and obey the same set of rules….One set of laws…No more special perks!

There is an old saying, that one principled righteous person can create a majority.  It is time to send the political class a message.  They are no better than the rest of us, who know what it is like to work for a living.