Dear Fellow Republicans

Dear Fellow Republican,

My name is Dwight Tostenson – I’m Dr. Noel Collis’ campaign manager. I want to share important information with you regarding Noel’s primary opponent, but first I wanted to tell you why Dr. Noel Collis has my support for U.S. Representative in Congress for Minnesota’s 7th District.

#1 – Dr. Noel Collis is a hard worker. 

I’ve never known someone with such great work ethic and dedication as Dr. Noel. He is a longtime physician, he owns a small business helping children with cystic fibrosis, helps with his family’s small business, and still finds time for his family and campaigning for US Congress. He works long hours at the office, and comes into the campaign office with a smile on his face and excitement to talk with a Minnesota voter or record a campaign video!

I know when in Washington, he will work just as hard if not harder than he currently does. I know this because of my second reason Dr.  Noel Collis has my support.

#2 – Dr. Noel Collis CARES

Whether it’s a patient, family member or every day Minnesotan Dr. Noel cares deeply about people.  He is a beloved 30-year physician, adored father and grandfather, and respected member of his community.

He is invested in Minnesota’s 7th District. He is running for Congress, not to further a career, but because he truly cares for the people and wants to right the wrongs done by career politicians who are only in Washington, D.C. for their own personal gain.

He knows what it means to put service of others before himself, and will bring this same concept to Minnesotans as he serves as your next US Representative.

#3 – He is invested in Minnesota’s 7th District 

Unlike a lot of politicians, Dr. Noel Collis isn’t running for Congress to chase a career aspiration. He’s a 30-year physician and a small business owner. It is because of his successful career Dr. Noel Collis has been able to discern what the constituents of MN-7 really need, especially with healthcare, which is one of the top concerns of Minnesotans.

He has also been a lifelong resident of the MN-7th District. He and his family are directly affected by the radical policies being pushed by radical democrats and career politicians who don’t feel the impact.

Dr. Noel Collis is NOT and will not be a career politician. He will remain in touch with the needs of the community.

In addition to these reasons, I am supporting Dr. Noel Collis because the alternative is a dishonest career politician.

Unfortunately, Dr. Noel’s Primary opponent Michelle Fischbach broke the law by not registering as a lobbyist when she was employed by the Central Minnesota Builders Association in 2019. The denials you may be hearing from the Fischbach campaign or others are lies.

I believe, and I’m sure you agree, that telling the truth is a fundamental prerequisite for running a credible campaign or for being a candidate for office. Unfortunately, Michelle Fischbach and her campaign don’t adhere to the same standards of forthrightness as others do.

This is typical of career politicians like Fischbach and those who are out of touch with the shared values that we all hold to be true. 

These tactics of deception and trying to intimidate is nothing new from the Fischbach campaign, as we have seen with the harassment tactics used by a Fischbach campaign staff, Sam Winter. He placed over 300 phone calls to Dave Hughes and his family during April, before the convention. According to media sources, click here to view under the Restraining Order and Allegations buttons. Sam Winter recently pled guilty to harassment charges in court and has a restraining order in place against him for two years.

YOU deserve a representative who you can trust, who truly cares, and who will serve YOU ahead of themselves. Dr. Noel Collis is the ONLY candidate who will represent you and your family in the 7th congressional district. I hope you consider these facts about Dr. Noel Collis and his opponent as you decide whom to support and vote for on August 11th in the Republican Primary.


Click here to see Facts and Research on our opponents. 

Best regards,
Dwight Tostenson
Campaign Manager