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This section of our website is devoted to providing documentation and research that supports our television and radio ads. We are dedicated to providing accurate and factual information about the basis of our ads. Thank you for checking us out.

Fischbach for Congress

Capitol City Research – Name that Politician Game Show ad

This is the research provided by Capitol City Research that supports our claim that Michelle Fischbach broke the law and was in fact a Lobbyist.

Cease and Desist Order – Filed by Fischbach campaign

This letter was sent on behalf of Michelle Fischbach and the Fischbach for Congress campaign to media outlets asking them to take down the Name that Politician Game Show ad. This document clearly states in the third paragraph that Mrs. Fischbach has never been a lobbyist and has therefore never been under any requirement to register as a lobbyist.” This statement was incorrect and is debunked by the research provided by Capitol City Research.

Collis Response letter to Fischbach – Cease and Desist Order

This is the Collis for Congress response letter to the Fischbach complaint. Which systematically address the Fischbach complaint and makes the legal case for Michelle Fischbach being a lobbyist, how she broke the law, and how the “letter is lacking in both legal and factual substance…” or in other words, a lie.

Hughes for Congress

Hughes Harassed by Fischbach Staff Person

In these articles, the criminal harassment case against a Fischbach staff person is documented.  

July 2020 FEC Reports

View the FEC reports from both the Hughes for Congress and Dr. Noel Collis for Congress campaigns. It is apparent after viewing the reports that the Hughes campaign will not have the resources to run a competitive campaign against Congressman Collin Peterson. 


In their letter, the State Party GOP falsely accuse the Collis for Congress Campaign of making “Robo Calls” and asks Democrat Attorney General, Keith Ellison to intervein in the Republican Primary Election.

The Collis for Congress campaign responded with a legal opinion that pointed out the State Party’s lack of understanding of cutting-edge technology.

The Collis campaign responded with a press release pointing out the State Party’s attempt to protect Michelle Fischbach.