Ilhan Omar—The face of the National Democrat Party

Ilhan Omar is once again in the news, now demanding the dismantling of our economic, political system, and the profit motive. She included the “air we breathe” as “part of a system of “oppression.” Omar is an advocate for socialism and has called the Coronavirus and climate change “racist.”

It would also appear that Omar is a “slow learner” as my grandmother’s schoolteacher used to say:

Omar is a native of Somalia. The government there in her childhood was a socialist government that messed things up so badly that anarchy resulted. This created refugees (like Omar and her family) who fled Somalia to ultimately reach the capitalist and the free United States of America.

Omar now openly advocates for socialism in the United States—the very same socialism that destroyed Somalia (and every other country in which it has ever been tried) and made her a refugee.

Unfortunately, Omar is now the face of the modern Democratic Party.

These Democrats simply have no understanding of the role that incentives play in success and wealth creation.

The National Democrats believe that social justice is achieved by raising taxes, building big new bureaucracies, and creating Washington based control of all-American life. This explains why they are anti-business, anti-entrepreneur, anti-free enterprise, and love the idea of career politicians (the name’s Michelle Fischbach and Collin Peterson comes to mind) who do not understand what it means to work for a living.

Republicans can do better. We can dismantle Washington based control of American life and again empower people at the state and local level. This is part of what we ought to be all about and why I’m running for congress in the 7th Congressional District.