Mask Mandate—The Triumph of Politics Over Science

What would you think of someone who said you needed to put a chain-link fence around your yard to keep out mosquitoes? If you are consistent, you will, for all practical purposes, give the same answer about the need to wear a mask in public to prevent Coronavirus.

Size does matter. The Coronavirus merely is much smaller than the pores in almost all the masks in use. Common sense is more important here than a medical degree. While it is true that a so-called N95 specialized respirator mask does filter smaller particles, these are rarely used. I do not believe that I have seen more than one in every few hundred wearers. More often, someone makes one out of a bandana, or other “common household items” (the actual recommendations of some mandates).

Also, masks can cause shortness of breath, headaches, dermatitis, immune weakening, respiratory diseases (from inhaling Microfibers in many commonly used masks), and severe anxiety in some people. One school of thought that masks can increase the risk of acquiring Coronavirus infection through accumulating and recirculating viral particles under the mask, allowing them to reach numbers sufficient to cause clinical infection in the wearer.

A few years back, a patient came to me whose health concerns had been “cured” by another doc who had given the patient a sugar pill. Why did it work? It worked because the guy THOUGHT it would work…

Mask mandates are a public policy form of this sugar pill. They are a placebo that will provide only false reassurance to a public continually fed wildly exaggerated stories about Coronavirus’s risks and danger. Of course, this does not mean there is nothing to see here, it means that risks of the virus need to be matched against benefits in making public policy decisions.

Why the mandate? The triumph of politics over science and freedom.