MN GOP Falsely Accuses Collis Campaign

State Party fails to understand the technology

In an unprecedented and desperate politically move to protect its flawed candidate for congress Michelle Fischbach, the State Republican Party Chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan is looking to a democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison to weigh in on a Republican Congressional race in the 7th District. This is extraordinary.

“The Campaign was disappointed to learn the party is not better informed regarding the latest campaign technology.”

“The Collis for Congress campaign is well aware of Attorney General Ellison’s memorandum and Minnesota Statutes regarding Minnesota’s Automating Dialing-Announcing Device Laws. However, neither Minnesota Statutes §§ 325E.26-.31 nor the Attorney General’s memorandum addresses the technology used by the Collis for Congress campaign. The Campaign utilizes a state of the art “server-to-server” communications system so that our vendors at no time allowed our messaging to connect to a telephone line. The Ringless Voicemail service, or Direct-to-Voicemail, is a technology that utilizes a server-to-server connection to transfer a pre-recorded message directly into a recipients’ voicemail box without making a call to avoid a phone from ringing.”

“Therefore, neither the statutes nor the Attorney General opinion applies. We ask you to cease and desist from your false allegations that the Collis for Congress campaign has violated Minnesota law and that you retract any negative public statements about the Campaign relating to this matter.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that there have been false allegations waged by Michelle Fischbach and her allies against Dr. Collis and his Campaign. The Collis for Congress Campaign in its resent TV ads have defined Michelle Fischbach as a career politician turned lobbyist, lawbreaker, and liar. The documents for which can be found on the Collis for Congress website under “Facts & Research,” which documents its allegations that Fischbach broke the law by failing to register within five days of being hired as a lobbyist by Central Minnesota Builders Association in July of 2019.

“The question isn’t if she was a lobbyist who failed to register because the facts are so clear on this point. The issue is why she denied it in a letter from her attorneys and continues to do so today,” said Noel Collis, Candidate for Congress. 

“Washington is full of career politicians who think the rules don’t apply to them. The 7th District voters deserve someone who will be honest about mistakes they have made and take responsibility for them,” said Noel Collis, Candidate for Congress. 

“If the Fischbach campaign wants to make character and integrity the main issues during the closing days of this primary race, our campaign is more than happy to accommodate,” said Noel Collis, Candidate for Congress.