Pro-Second Amendment

It is no accident that every tyranny in the 20th century makes sure that average citizens are denied the right to own their own guns.

Stalin’s mass killings and starvation of the Kulaks and Ukrainians, Mao’s killing of millions of Chinese citizens, and the National Socialist “final solution of the Jewish question” could not have occurred if average citizens had the right to own guns.

We can see a somewhat similar dynamic playing out today. Several Democrat Presidential candidates have advocated the confiscation and removal of firearms from average citizens. However, these same Democrats would allow the Hollywood elite, politicians, and government officials to have the right to continue gun ownership and use, often through their private security services.

The Second Amendment was placed in the Constitution for a reason. The continued ownership of guns by average citizens is essential to the success and survival of liberty and a hedge against tyranny. This must NEVER be forgotten.