Take Your Dog to Work Day

“When all other friends desert, he remains”. — Senator George Vest, Missouri 1879-1903.

Today, being “Take your dog to work day” is a reminder of why the dog is a wonderful, faithful, and loyal companion.

A dog is a true and loyal friend regardless of our circumstances or fortunes. Our jobs, reputation, or material wealth can vanish from us in an instant. Close friends and family can prove unfaithful. People who are with us during times of success can be the first to throw the stone of malice in times of failure. A dog is a faithful companion who will never desert his friend regardless of circumstance or fortune. 

A faithful dog asks no higher privilege than to loyally sit at his owner’s side. The George Bush funeral clearly demonstrated the loyalty and faithfulness of a dog. When death claimed George Bush and his body lay in the casket, there by his side, his noble dog was found. His eyes sad, but faithful and loyal even in death.