The American Dream

Like many of you, my roots are in rural Minnesota. I grew up working in my parents’ gas station. It was here where my world views were formed. People would say that I would never amount to anything because my family lacked money and education.

My dad used to say, “We don’t have a lot materially, but we are amongst the richest people in the world because we live in a special country called America. Here we can become whatever our hard work and dreams believe that we can become.” This is called the American Dream.

It is because of the American dream that I was able to go to St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. I have been privileged to practice medicine in the 7th District for the past 30 years.

It is because of the American Dream that Congressman Tom Hagedorn and I helped create a medical device company which went public with an IPO in 2010 and continues today to provide equipment that remains the standard of care for people with cystic fibrosis.

People said, “There’s no way you can succeed at starting a company. You don’t have the business expertise. You don’t have the capital. You don’t have an organization and a team.”

My response to these naysayers was, “All is possible with conviction and hard work. We live in America where we can make dreams happen”.

America is one election away from losing the American Dream forever. We must elect leaders who have successfully lived that Dream and boldly stand to see that others also have the ability to achieve that Dream in the future.