The Economics of Mob Rule

Looting and theft have been rewarded by the political elite through the failure to enforce existing laws. As of today, June 2, 2020, in the Twin Cities alone, three hundred and eight businesses (by inference thousands of jobs that depend on those businesses) have been vandalized, looted, or destroyed.

Since we have not punished the looters, the thieves were rewarded with free stolen property. As a result —in the future, we should not be surprised to see even more riots, looting, and vandalism.

How many people will not be willing or able to invest in these areas again to rebuild their businesses? How many jobs opportunities won’t be available to those who live in these communities as a result? The blatant failure of elected officials to enforce current laws and protect the property of innocent people will have a real long-term economic impact on our communities and state.

It’s time all for those in leadership positions to uniformly and boldly enforce existing law. Failure to do so will inadvertently send a clear message, and create a reputation for our state, that will deter businesses from investing and creating jobs in Minnesota.