In our 6th TV Commercial, we introduce Dr. Noel Collis to the audience and give them some background regarding who Noel is and why he is the best Republican candidate to run against Congressman Collin Peterson in the general election.

In this TV Commercial, Dr. Noel Collis tells an emotionally moving story about a young girl who comes to his office seeking an abortion referral and the real-life ramifications 30 years later. Other candidates talk about being pro-life; in this commercial, Noel demonstrates how he lives out being pro-life.  

The fifth and final TV commercial for the primary election released by The Collis for Congress campaign continues its definition of Michelle Fischbach as a career politician turned lobbyist, lawbreaker, and liar. On the TV & Radio Ads – Research and Facts page, you will find all the documentation and research you need to know that this definition is accurate and matches the facts.

In its fourth TV commercial The Collis for Congress campaign continues to use humor in a 1970 genre ad to communicate to voters that although a good guy, Dave Hughes has lost twice to Congressman Collin Peterson and will likely do so again due to a lack of funding for his campaign. Hughes has raised less than $70,000 for his campaign this year as of June 30, 2020.

The Collis for Congress campaign released its third television ad. The ad focuses on cleaning out career politicians and lobbyists from Washington using the catchphrase, “Let’s Clean Them Out,” which references Dr. Collis’s profession as a Gastroenterologist.

“During these uncertain times, there is a lot of doom and gloom messaging going on. America has always used humor to get through tough times, so we focused on using humor to communicate our messages to the voters,” said Noel Collis, Candidate for Congress.

For our second wave of television ads, we use humor to define the difference between a successful Doctor, Businessman/Entrepreneur, and a career politician/lobbyist.important issues in this race. 

This ad, while humorous, makes the choices between candidates clear.

Those who prefer career politicians will prefer former Lt. Governor Michelle Fischbach or Rep. Collin Peterson.