Two wrongs do not make a right.

America was united in revulsion over George Floyd’s death. Our leaders ought to have stood up with community leaders and stood for justice—and said the laws would be enforced—and those responsible would be held to judgment.

Instead, they dithered and allowed looting, vandalism, rioting, and arson to go unpunished. Governor Walz granted looters more rights than churchgoing Minnesotans. Our Minnesota Republican leaders did nothing to stand up for the innocent ordinary people, and also surrendered to the leftist radicals instead of making it clear the law would be enforced.

This only emboldened the leftist radicals, who only escalated their demands-and now want to abolish the police and want to attack America and destroy all history and heritage. They want to destroy our country and heritage of freedom and liberty because of what they claim it was based on “white privilege” and racism. The leaders of the leftist radicals know better.

The Fourth stanza of the Union Army’s marching song—The Battle Hymn of the Republic—states “As Christ died to make men holy let us die to set men free”- 700,000 died in a war to free the slaves. Would Leftists now tell us these largely white Union soldiers were somehow dying in the name of “white privilege?”

Centuries ago, slavery was universal in the civilized world. The leftist radicals want us to believe it was unique to America. This is a lie. Slavery still effectively exists in the Islamic world as ISIS and El Shabob demonstrate. For that matter, Mohammed himself was a slave owner. This does not bother the leftist radicals because their leader’s slavery is not the REAL issue.

The REAL issue is the surrender of all America to the leftist radicals-who will tell us what we can say and do. Indeed, as I noted the other night, the death of Democracy and freedom is their real goal.

It is essential that all of our rights, freedom, and liberties be protected from the leftist radicals. This requires us to have the courage to stand up to them.